Teltonika RMS

Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) allows you to conveniently manage and monitor your Teltonika routers and gateways, which include all RUT and TRB devices.

Teltonika RMS
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Teltonika RMS description

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    Try RMS for free If you have a Teltonika device and have never used RMS, you can try RMS for one month for free! Each brand new device has a trial license that is valid for one month and can be used with RMS without any additional purchases.

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Unified Control

Enjoy a well-rounded solution for managing multiple Teltonika devices from a single platform. This includes remote command line and WebUI access, device filtering options by model, firmware version, connection status, custom tags and much more.

Remote access to non Teltonika devices

Have remote access to other equipment, including devices that aren’t manufactured by Teltonika. If your Teltonika device is on RMS, it can be used to generate remote access links to equipment that is connected to its private network.

Realtime alert system

Use real-time email alerts in order to stay informed on what’s happening to your devices. Special alerts can be configured for various events such as mobile signal strength falling below a certain threshold, status changes or device leaving/entering a defined GPS geofence.

Activity Reports

Set up a custom report system that contains information on user requested device parameters. Reports can be generated periodically or for a specific time period. All generated reports are stored in RMS servers and can be downloaded at any point in time for future analysis.

Hotspot Tracking Service

Manage and track the activity of your WiFi Hotspot. RMS provides the possibility to add or delete users, monitor data usage and maintain complete awareness of your WiFi network.

Firmware/Backup Updates

Make sure you don’t miss out on various improvements and new features that come with new firmwares. With RMS you can update hundreds of devices to the latest firmware version in just a few clicks.

GPS History

Always stay informed of where your devices are and have been with the help of location history. You can view the location of moving devices at any point in time or set up static locations for devices that are stationary or incompatible with GPS for easier management purposes.

Statistics Display Charts

Use automatically generated charts to monitor the history of your device activities. Charts track the history of various status changes such as device temperature, mobile signal quality and data usage, making sure that no information is lost over time.

Remote Monitoring

Have remote access to all of your devices from one platform. RMS is a client-server based system, which provides the possibility to access devices remotely even without the use of a public IP address.

Amazon cloud

The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. Security scales with your AWS cloud usage. No matter the size of your business the AWS infrastructure is designed to keep data safe.

System security

Teltonika has taken steps to engage in additional testing of RMS to find potential vulnerabilities with external expertise of Bell Canada Cyber Security Team and Enquêtes Forensik inc. Thus RMS has received CIS v7 and OWASP II certifications, ensuring that the RMS web application is at low risk of any vulnerabilities.


Always have access to all of your devices by downloading the RMS app on iOS or Android. The RMS app provides much of the same functionality as the standard desktop version with added perks, like adding devices by scanning special QR codes located on your device boxes.

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