QuMax for RUTX09

Integrated outdoor multi band high power LTE directional antennas + GPS antenna + place to install Teltonika RUTX09 (All-in-one)

QuMax for RUTX09
QuMax for RUTX09
QuMax for RUTX09
QuMax for RUTX09

Dual SIM – significantly reduce roaming costs

All antennas and Teltonika router integrated in one enclosure

Passive PoE support

Outdoor antenna works in any weather conditions, IP67

Easy to install

Antenna perfectly matched with the router

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QuMax for RUTX09 description

QuMAX offers the most powerful directional LTE antenna of all QuWireless antennas. It is dedicated to connections with long distance to base station. It is designed to have Teltonika RUTX09 router installed inside IP67 enclosure. It is the first choice for fixed installations in industrial environment. It has embedded also GPS antenna.

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