Can you track my phone?

Yes. We can offer phone tracking application for smartphones and add phone location in our overall system.

Can I export or integrate the data with another system?

Yes, we have an API which you can use to integrate with your systems.

Does your tracking system run in real time?

Yes. Vehicles with our tracking devices, depend on a need can give live data to the system.

Can I access current and past data?

Sure, all data from your vehicles will be saved for 3 months and in case you need longer history we can save your data longer for additional fee.

Is technical support fee included or it will cost me extra?

If you are purchasing any equipment from us directly all technical support fees are included. Our friendly and experienced support team is available via phone and email.

Can I have a free trail?

Sure, please contact our sales manager and ask for free demo for one month.

Who are your biggest customers?

We have big range of customers starting from 1 vehicle to 1000 vehicles and even more. Few of them you can easy find listed on our front page.

When is the soonest you can install?

We need to organize some logistics, get devices ready for you, arrange your vehicles to be available. Let's talk, we are sure we can help you!

Can we bring the vehicles to you for installation?

It is your choice. We can send an engineer to you; you can also bring the vehicle to our location.

Can you install on weekends or non-working hours?

Contact us via phone or e-mail and we will find a solution for you.

Can we have more than one login?

Yes, our price based on number of vehicles on your system not on logins.

Can I access the system from home?

Yes, it is web-based solution. As well you can use smartphones tablets and laptops.

What if i need more user training?

No problem, just write us an email or call us, training is included in to our pricing list.

What hours is your support open?

Our high skilled technical support department is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am CEST to 6:00pm CEST.

Where is the device installed?

Device mostly installed under the dashboard or near the fuse box. As well we have plug and play solutions. Anyway, device installed so nothing is visible.

How long does the installation take?

About 45 minutes for a standard installation. We will let you know before installation if it will take longer. We have solutions were installation it is not necessary.